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Packing size: 150 g powder
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Take 1 measuring spoon daily with plenty of water.

Ingredients: Acerola extract powder 17:1 (75 % vitamin C), maltodextrin.
Active content: Acerola extract powder per 1 measuring spoon: 2,3 g; thereof vitamin C: 390 mg

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Natural vitamin C from the Acerola cherry

Benefit from the natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry. With the Acerola powder from ZeinPharma® you get 150 g of pure acerola powder with 17% natural pure vitamin C, without any additives.


     17% pure and natural vitamin C


     Gently extracted


     Original from Brazil


     Cultivation without pesticides


     17: 1 extract

Acerola powder - The original from Brazil

Benefit from the Acerola powder, a natural product from Brazil's forests. In the Ceará region of eastern Brazil, the small Acerola cherries (Malpighia glabra) are cultivated by an experienced family farm in the middle of nature at an ideal temperature of 26 ° C. For several years the business has been working with the delicate fruits, thus the employees have acquired valuable knowledge with respect to the handling of the plants and the processing of the fruits.


The acerola cherries are grown in the rainforest without harmful pesticides. Thereby, a sustainable approach to nature takes place, so that future generations can experience this amazing ecosystem.

Gentle processing and purity guaranteed

With the Acerola powder you get the result of a gentle and rapid processing. The acerola fruit is very sensitive. The small fruit does not survive unscathed during long storage or transportations. Therefore, the entire production process, from the fresh fruit to the extraction in a close proximity to the growing area – takes placein the middle of nature.


The acerola cherries are harvested by hand picking from the 2-3 m high acerola bushes. Immediately after harvest, the fruits are washed with cold water. During a short quarantine, the fruits are controlled. Only if the harvested fruits are free of pests, microorganisms or other quality restrictions, the processing continues. At a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius, the fruits are processed into a viscous mush. Due to this temperature, in which the fruits of Brazil's climate are already used to, the valuable active ingredients are optimally preserved. Finally, the viscous mush is processed into the Acerola powder.


Upon completion of the processing into the powder, the absence of impurities is once again controlled. This ensures that the powder is also 100% free of microorganisms and you get a guaranteed pure product.

Ideal ratio of ripe and unripe fruits

The Acerola powder provides you with a particularly valuable component: the natural vitamin C. Acerola powder is produced using a special ratio of ripe orange-red fruits and unripe green fruits, while only the whole fruit is used.

The ripe and unripe fruits contain vitamin C in varying amounts.

Natural vitamin C

The acerola cherries have a sour-fruity taste, similar to this of lemon. It is not surprising that the acerola fruits are not just as acidic as lemons, but like their yellow relatives, they are true vitamin C “bombs”.


The Acerola powder from ZeinPharma® contains 17 percent natural vitamin C. The Acerola vitamin C is ideal for people who do not want to use synthetic vitamin C.


In addition, a Japanese study from 2011 showed that the intake of natural vitamin C from Acerola juice in the body was higher than that of synthetic vitamin C.

Without addition of artificial vitamin C

When you read about Acerola products that have an exceptionally high vitamin C content, then better get throroughly informed!Fresh acerola cherries contain about 2 to 3 percent of vitamin C. Through extraction, this content can be concentrated in a natural way to a certain extent. The ZeinPharma® Acerola Powder contains 17 percent natural vitamin C. However, some manufacturers artificially increase the vitamin C content of their products by adding synthetic vitamin C.This may increase the vitamin C content, but in this way the idea of a near-natural product and natural vitamin C is no longer maintained.

Naturally healthy with Acerola pure powder from ZeinPharma®

With the natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry you provide your body with the essential vitamin. Vitamin C is mainly known as a booster of the immune system. An optimal vitamin C intake strengthens the body's defenses and also protects the cells from oxidative stress. This prevails when increased free radicals are released in the body, for instance, due to illness, inflammation, stress or smoking. Vitamin C is also essential for a healthy nervous system, for collagen formation and healthy skin. Justifiably, the all-rounder Vitamin C is a true star among the vitamins.

17 grams of fruit for 1 gram of extract powder

With one gram of extract powder you literally take a handful of acerola cherries. Since the extract is highly concentrated, its extract ratio is 17: 1. One gram of extract powder corresponds to 17 grams of fruit. Thus, the active ingredients of acerola, especially the natural vitamin C are highly concentrated.

Easy to use

You can simply stir the Acerola powder into water or juice and provide your body with plenty of vitamin C. You can also mix it in yoghurt or use it in the preparation of desserts or cereals. The pH value of 2-4 gives to the Acerola powder a pleasantly fruity sour taste.

The Acerola powder is highly soluble in water, can be dissolved without leaving residues and at the same time it can be absorbed well in your body.


Tip: Sprinkle some Acerola powder over fresh fruit salad. This will make it even healthier and also protect the fruit from oxidation, which otherwise, when exposed for long time to the air, apples and bananas, for example, get an undesired brown color.


5 reasons for the Acerola powder from ZeinPharma®:


     Natural Vitamin C

     Without additives or preservatives

     From the forests of Brazil

     Gentle production

     17: 1 extract

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