Barley grass powder 180 g

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  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • soya-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial colouring
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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Art-No. 12860
PZN: 11161261
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Packing size: 180 g powder
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Take 2 measuring spoons of barley grass powder daily mixed in water or juice, or stir into food.

Ingredients: Barley grass powder (100 %)
Active content: Barley grass per 2 measuring spoons: 3,4 mg

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The power of the plant: the barley grass

Barley grass - which has the Latin name Hordeum vulgare - has been already known as an exceptional plant for many years. The annual sweetgrass can be used in many ways: The fruits called barley grain are mainly used as brewing cereals, while the young leaves are relevant in the field of food supplementation. This plant, known as the barley plant, impresses with an incredibly high nutrient density. According to the opinion of many experts, barley grass is one of the most valuable plants of all. The balanced composition of ingredients makes the barley grass a very special and extraordinary plant - for this reason, no extract is used in our products, but only the whole variety of barley grass sprout. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure to optimally benefit from the ingredients of this extraordinary plant!

A 100% gentle production and ingredients in raw food quality

In order to be able to be used as a dietary supplement, the young leaves of barley grass must be dried as soon as possible after harvesting. Subsequently, the gentle grinding step follows, in which the dry material is processed into powder. In order to be able to guarantee you the full range of nutrients, all of these processes must be carried out particularly gently - for instance, the temperatures that occur during drying and grinding process must always be below 42 degrees Celsius. Of course, the raw material used has always raw food quality - because only with an optimum starting material an optimal end product can be achieved.

Easy to use, ideal for shakes and smoothies

The barley grass powder impresses not only with its exceptional ingredients, but also with its easy applicability. The powder is very highly soluble in water, which makes it ideal to mix in cold drinks (please note: the barley grass powder should not be dissolved in hot water, as the heat can damage the valuable ingredients of the powder!). Barley grass powder is ideal for use in smoothies and freshly-made shakes. Many users start their day with this extra portion of nutrients by stirring one to two teaspoons of the powder per drink. When barley grass powder is consumed on a regular basis, it is best to consume three drinks a day - ideally throughout the day - and continue for about four to six weeks.

Absolutely natural product, guaranteed without animal ingredients

We guarantee that our barley grass powder is an absolutely natural product. We offer you only the best quality: Our powder is purely vegetarian, animal ingredients are 100% renounced. For this reason, the consumption of barley grass powder is absolutely safe for vegetarians, vegans and animal lovers. Of course, our products are of raw material quality and are completely without additives – from us you only get a perfect pure substance, without filling agents or other additives. For the sake of your health!

More security through meticulous and complete testing

We guarantee that you only buy impeccable quality when you buy our barley grass powder. The barley grass used by us is examined in advance completely and meticulously for possible residues and / or impurities.  In particular, we examine our raw materials for hazardous heavy metals, unwanted microorganisms or even pesticides - a detailed analysis in advance guarantees us and you that only the best, 100% flawless raw materials are being used. Impurities as well as an undesirable burden of pollutants can be detected and avoided in this way. We guarantee that only raw materials that have been certified as harmless go into production, thus, you can always be sure of purchasing a flawless product!

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