Cat's claw 500 mg (90 capsules)

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Art-No. 12857
PZN: 13813762
EAN 4260085383306
Packing size: 90 capsules
Capsule shell type: Vegetarian capsule shell

Take three capsules unchewed daily with plenty of non-carbonated water.

Ingredients: Cat's claw extract (83 %), Capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), Separating agent: Magnesium salts of fatty acids (vegetarian).
Active content: Cat's claw extract per 3 capsules: 1500mg

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Cat’s Claw capsules 500 mg

90 cat’s claw capsules with very high active ingredient content, thanks to 4 to 1 extract, with 500mg per capsule. Discover the benefits of the active substance from the bark of the cat's claw - original from South America!


• 500 mg per 1 capsule

• 4: 1 extract

• From the bark of the cat's claw

• Original from South America

Uncaria tomentosa

Cat’s Claw: a medicinal plant with long tradition

What is slowly being discovered as a medicinal plant in this country has a long tradition in many parts of Latin America: the cat's claw. The Liana-like tropical plant bears the botanical name Uncaria tomentosa.


The Indians of the Peruvian rainforest have been appreciating the cat's claw for centuries and have been mainly using it as a versatile medicinal plant. With its help, they have always cured many different kinds of health problems - both external and internal - and also used it preventively, as a protective measure against diseases.

Where does its name come from?

In Peru, the cat's claw is called Una de Gato, which means freely translated "cat’s claw" or "cat’s thorn". The cat's claw owes its name to the conspicuous, claw-like thorns, with whose help they like to climp on the trees of the rainforest - sometimes this happens up to high heights of over 60 meters. Moreover, the plant is found especially in the moist, rather shady parts of the rainforest.

Valuable extract directly from the bark

In contrast to many other plants, whose healing effect is contained in the leaves, the flowers or sometimes in the stems, the cat's claw hides its most valuable ingredient exceptionally well: Only in the inner root cortex, those hidden parts can be exploited. The extract from the inside of this bark is ground to a fine, light brown powder – and this powder is the basis for all further processing and dosage forms.


But what makes the bark of the cat's claw so extraordinary? The answer lies in their ingredients: Both the bark and the extracted extract are packed with valuable alkaloids, quinovinyl glycosides, terpenoids and flavonoids. Alkaloids are natural, regulating plant substances that occur in nature in a remarkable variety; it is estimated that there are well over 10,000 different subspecies.


As natural anti-inflammatory agents, the quinovinyl acid glycosides appear. The terpenoids are said to have a protective effect on the mitochondria - the human cells of strength. Flavonoids belong to the so-called phytochemicals and can only be produced in a certain cell type. Flavonoids are used today in many common medicines, especially those intended to regulate the activity of the stomach, digestive tract and intestines.

The tea as the most traditional form of use

The cat's claw can be used in many different dosage forms. The possibilities range from ointments and soaked fomentations to capsules. However, the original native form of use was initiated in South America itself: the freshly prepared tea.


Especially Indians made use of the tea from cat's claw in order to cure various ailments - both internal and external. The special feature of the tea from cat's claw lies in its own special form of preparation: It is not only brewed, as it is usual, but it is regularly boiled. After a cooking time of about five minutes, the tea has to be boiled for another fifteen minutes in order to develop its full potential.

Very high active ingredient content thanks to 4 to 1 extract

A particularly effective extraction process ensures that the active ingredients of the cat's claw from bark can be used in the highest possible dosage. The extraction works in the ratio 4 to 1 - that means: 1 gram of our effective extract contains 4 grams of cat’s claw bark. The natural active ingredients in the extract are therefore four times more concentrated than in the bark!By this way, with just 3 capsules daily you get a large amount of the valuable ingredients of the cat's claw, since 3 capsules provide 1500 mg cat claw extract. Thanks to a sophisticated extraction process, these 3 capsules are the equivalent of 6000 mg Cat’s Claw Bark!

Original from South America, processed in the USA

With the valuable cat’s claw capsules of ZeinPharma® you can reep the benefits from the original cat’s claw from South America. There, the liana grows under ideal climatic conditions and can thus form all its valuable ingredients.


The raw material is further processed into an extract in the USA, where very high standards of hygiene and safety are being applied.

Absolutely harmless raw materials

Of course, the extract of the cat's claw is microbiologically examined before the further process begins. Only if the raw material is classified as absolutely harmless, it will be approved for production. This ensures that the cat's claw capsules are 100% free of unwanted microorganisms and / or heavy metals. As a customer, you can always rely on it to receive only the highest quality goods, which you can safely consume over a longer period of time.  Enjoy the health benefits of cat’s claw capsules without having to worry about any impurities!

Of course also suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Both vegans and animal lovers  can enjoy the benefits of cat's claw capsules without any hesitation - and with a 100% calm conscience!


Because, unlike to other products that often rely on animal gelatin in their production chain, ZeinPharma renounces 100% with animal ingredients. The shell of the cat's claw capsules is made of pure vegetarian cellulose. Celluose is an optimal alternative to gelatin: it is extracted from the walls of plan stems, is well tolerated and does not provoke allergies caused by foods.

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