D-Ribose 200 g

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  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • soya-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial colouring
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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PZN: 10325950
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Packing size: 200 g powder
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Take 2 measuring spoons mixed in plenty of non-carbonated water.

Ingredients: D-Ribose powder (100 %)
Active content: D-Ribose powder per 2 measuring spoons: 6 g

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D-Ribose powder 200 g

With the D-Ribose powder you get a natural sugar from fermentation. You get a natural, which is also ideal for vegetarians and vegans.


• D-ribose from fermentation


• Absolutely pure


• 200 g of powder


• Without additives


• 100% vegan and vegetarian


• Important building block of DNA


• Of highest quality, absolutely identical to the body's own D-Ribose

D-ribose as part of the heritage

The cell of your body contains D-ribose, since the sugar is the component of nucleic acids and nucleotides. That may sound chemical at the beginning, but basically it is nothing else than your genetic material. Because DNA and RNA are nucleic acids and carriers of the genetic information. Nucleotides are derived from building blocks of the DNA, which have been identified as the nucleic acid. Nucleotides and nucleic acids, and thus the D-ribose as well, are found in the nucleus of each of your cells.

An important energy source

With D-ribose, you take up a building block for important substances of your metabolism! In addition to DNA, D-ribose is also contained in ATP. The mitochondria, the "power plants of the cells", convert carbohydrates to D-ribose and this D-ribose to ATP during digestion.  ATP is described in textbooks as the most important cell energy source. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphates. The sugar therefore plays an important role in the energy balance of your body, because without it your system could no longer form the body's "energy currency" ATP, which plays a major role in all your body's actions.

Obtained from fermentation

With the D-ribose from ZeinPharma® you rely on naturalness and avoid artificial substances and manufacturing processes. D-ribose is not produced synthetically. It  is rather naturally derived from the simple sugars glucose, as the mitochondria do in the body's digestive process. More naturalness than through this orientation to the body's own D-ribose production can hardly be achieved.


The manufacturing process of ZeinPharma® is yeast fermentation, i.e. the natural fermentation of yeast. This offers you a great advantage because you do not get any artificial substance when consuming it. Many D-Ribose products on the market are manufactured synthetically and are far away from naturalness.

Highest purity guaranteed

Rely on a product of highest purity. The D-ribose powder contains up to 99 percent pure D-ribose plus 1 percent water content or residual moisture.

Without additives

ZeinPharma's D-Ribose Powder gives you a guaranteed pure D-Ribose powder that contains no additives or filling agents. Because purity plays a role for ZeinPharma not only in terms of contamination. Equally, we place great important on the fact that the product is free of additives and that it exclusively consists of D-ribose. It was neither been stretched nor alsified or altered.

Well tolerated

Benefit from the properties of a body's own substance. Because this is what makes the D-ribose powder particularly well tolerated. You can rely on the daily consumption of 6 grams, and that you tolerate the product well and with no side effects occurring. After all, D-ribose is also present in small quantities in plant and animal products and does not cause any problems within your daily diet.


For example, unlike glucose, dextrose, maltose, and fructose, D-ribose does not increase blood sugar levels, making it completely safe to take.

Abolutely vegan and vegetarian

Are you vegan and vegetarian? Even in this case, there is no reason to worry about our D-ribose powder. We respect vegan and vegetarian diets, and therefore our powder is completely free from animal ingredients. Thus, the product is suitable for you as a vegetarian or vegan without any hesitation.

A sugar in D form

With D-ribose you get a sugar that is natural and usable by the body.


Sugars occur in either the D-form or the L-form. While L-form sugars can only be produced synthetically, the D-form is the natural form of sugar. "D" stands for "dexter", in English: "right". This spatial allocation refers to the natural form.

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