Damiana 450 mg (100 capsules)

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  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • soya-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial colouring
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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Art-No. 12804
PZN: 09542702
EAN 4260085383207
Packing size: 100 capsules
Capsule shell type: Vegetarian capsule shell

Take 3 capsules unchewed daily with plenty of non-carbonated water.

Ingredients: Damiana leaf extract 5:1 (83%), capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC).
Active content: Damiana leaf extract 5:1 per 3 capsules: 1350 mg

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Damiana 450 mg

100 vegetarian Damiana capsules from ZeinPharma, each with 450 mg Damiana leaf extract per capsule in the usual high quality from German production. Only high-quality raw materials in controlled purity and without additives are used.


• 450 mg per 1 capsule


• Pure leaf extract 5:1


• Free of additives


• Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Damiana - long-known in Mexico

In Mexico, the use of Damiana has a long tradition, as it is a well-known as a versatile medicinal herb. The Mexicans have been using Damiana for generations, mostly as tea preparations or as a liqueur.


Damiana was already appreciated by the Mayan culture in South America. Here, the shrub-like plant grows under ideal conditions: dry and rocky soils - especially limestone-, wide areas for optimal expansion, preferably at altitudes between 500 and 1950 meters and sufficient sunlight. Its occurrence, however, also extends to North America. The plant got its name after the patron saint of pharmacists, St. Damian.

High quality leaf extract

ZeinPharma® Damiana capsules contain a leaf extract in the ratio of 5:1. This leaf extract is therefore 5 times more concentrated than pure leaf powder itself, and in this way the amount of valuable ingredients increases in the same proportion. One gram of Damiana extract thus corresponds to 5 grams of the dried leaves.


The leaves used are harvested during the flowering period in order to guarantee the highest concentration of the substances contained in the plant. Damiana contains natural phytochemicals, resin as well as essential oils, tannin and the bitter substance damianin.

What is Damiana?

With the Damiana capsules you get a dietary supplement, which already has a long tradition.


The damiana plant belongs to the genus of saffron mallows (Turnera) and has the scientific name Turnera diffusa. The plant was first described in 1820 by the German botanist Carl Ludwig von Wildenow.


It blossoms yellow flowers and grows as a widely branched shrub with a height between one and two meters. Their green plant parts are usually fluffy-hairy. The leaf shapes are varied and usually between one and two inches long. The formed round-oval capsule fruit smells sweet and tastes like a fig.

Without any additives

A big advantage of Damiana capsules is that they give you a pure product without any additives, and with every vegetarian capsule you get  450 milligrams of pure Damiana extract. This ensures that the leaf extract can develop its full effect and is not restricted by interfering additives.


This is also recognisable by the rich green-brown colour of the extract, with which the capsules are filled. With just a glance at the capsules, you can convince yourself of the unchanged originality of the Damiana leaf extract!

The Damiana capsules are free of impurities

The ZeinPharma® Damiana capsules are made from 100% pure, natural raw materials. You will receive an absolutely pur,e natural product for your targeted nutritional supplementation. All ZeinPharma® products are subject to the highest quality standards. Since this constant high quality is a major concern of ZeinPharma®, all products are regularly being controlles by external and accredited institutes. The presence and contamination by heavy metals or dangerous for the health microorganisms can be thus excluded.

100% vegan and vegetarian

Another benefit of the ZeinPharma® Damiana Capsules is that it is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. The complete capsule is free from anyx animal ingredients. Inside the capsule, there is only pure Damiana leaf extract that is encapsulated by a capsule-shaped vegetarian shell, which consists of pure vegetable cellulose. Capsules of animal gelatin are being consciously renounced.

3 capsules per day

With the dosage form of a capsule you can take the dosage in a very easy and practical way. In addition, there comes the meaningful 5:1 ratio that we use, thanks to which the number of capsules that need to be taken is reduced. With already 3 capsules a day you take 1350 mg of leaf extract. However, five-fold potentiation of the concentration corresponds to an amount of 6750 mg of Damiana leaves.

Damiana - Traditionally used as tea

In its native region, the leaves of the damiana plant are mainly processed into tea. Through preparing its infusion with hot water, however, many of the valuable phytochemicals are lost because they do not have high heat stability. The capsule formulation enables your organism to take advantage of the full potential of this traditional medicinal plant. Furthermore, the high quality and the absolute purity of our Damiana capsules will not burden your body with other additives.

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