Hyaluronic Acid 50 mg (120 capsules)

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  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • soya-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial colouring
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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Art-No. 12130
PZN: 06918414
EAN 4260085381104
Packing size: 120 capsules
Capsule shell type: Vegetarian capsule shell

Take two capsules unchewed daily with plenty of non-carbonated water or fruit juice. Ideally taken before a main meal.

Ingredients: Filling agent: microcrystalline cellulose, capsule shell: hydroxypropyimethylcellulose (HPMC), hyaluronic acid, separating agent: magnesium salts from (vegetarian) fatty acids, colourant capsule shell: titanium dioxide
Active content: 2 capsules contain: 100mg hyaluronic acid (Na-Salz)

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Hyaluronic acid capsules

120 hyaluronic acid capsules with a dosage of 50 mg 100% vegetarian hyaluronic acid. Due to the molecular size of 800-1500 kDa, the active ingredient of our capsules is taken orally by the body as good as by an intravenous infusion.

Especially in older age it is very beneficial to provide the body with sufficient quantity of hyaluron. It turns out, however, that from an age of about 60 years, in most people, only little of this important substance is present in the organism. Hyaluronic acid capsules can effectively replace injections and infusions which are frequently used to deliver the substance and to keep the hyaluronic levels constant.


     Highly effective product

    Molecular size: 800-1500 kDa

    No animal-based ingredients

    Exclusively vegetarian raw materials

Hyaluron with advancing age

The hyaluronic acid capsules are primarily intended for people who have already reached a certain age. It is clear in studies that the proportion of hyaluronic acid in the human body decreases drastically with increasing age. From the age of about 60 years, only a relatively small proportion of this molecule is still present in the tissue. As it is stored in the organism only for a few days, it is advisable to balance this loss with hyaluronic acid capsules which can help on keeping the content of this substance at a constant level.

What is hyaluronic acid?

The cosmetic sector has discovered this substance since long time ago, since hyaluronic acid can be a valuable companion in your life. In orthopaedics, doctors are also already working with this remedy for a long time. The substance itself consists of a high molecular weight polysaccharide which the experts also call as glycosaminoglycan; a complicated name that results from a special chemical compound. This substance is composed of disaccharides and the so-called amino sugars. These compounds that are formed are very large molecules - they consist of 30,000 to 50,000 individual molecules and form a large construct. In nutrition, hyaluronic acid has become increasingly important, especially in recent times, e.g. in the form of nutritional supplements a hyaluronic acid capsules.

Water in its finest form

Due to its exceptionally varied structure Hyaluron has very special properties. Only one gram of this molecule can hold 6 liters of water, which makes up to 10,000 times of its original volume. In other words, it can bind 6000 times its own weight in water. The substance is mainly formed in the connective tissue. This, in turn, fills in the space between the organs and the skeleton and keeps the organs safe in their place. If the connective tissue is strong and well-functioning, provide the body flexibility and resilience. It also ensures a good state of mind, that the joints gluide smoothly and painlessly and that the organs are well protected and sufficiently supported. Overall, Hyaluronic acid is essential for this important connective tissue function.

Vitreous body is without hyaluron impossible

As an impressive example of this huge volume of water that hyaluronic acid you can intake, you can take a look at the eye. The vitreous body of this important organ is inside the eye and it stabilises the shape of the eye. The vitreous body consists of 98 percent pure water and only 2 percent of this tissue is hyaluronic acid. Nevertheless, this material succeeds in binding with much water and thus guaranteeing that the entire construct holds its shape firm.

More moisture - more suppleness

The example of the vitreous body already shows which central function the hyaluron fulfills in many parts of the body. In a natural way hyaluronic acid provides extra moisture to the eyes and connective tissue due to these remarkable properties. With an adequate water content, the skin remains firmer. The connective tissue benefits from the sufficient moisture as well as the intervertebral discs, thus they can remain flexible and resilient. The friction remains low with enough hyaluron, so pain in joints is unlikely.

What is special about our hyaluronic acid capsules?

The raw material is naturally extracted by means of a pure yeast fermentation, in which starch undergoes a gentle fermentation. Moreover, there are no animal-based components involved, thus vegetarians and vegans can also consume the capsules without any concern. For people that do not like gelatin or they do not tolerate it, our hyaluronic acid capsules are a real alternative. In the production of hyaluronic acid capsules, we adhere to scientific findings and we only use the molecular weight, which especially when consumed orally it can be absorbed and metabolised effectively.

Due to the numerous inquiries with respect to our hyaluronic acid capsules and the Injuv® method, we comment the issue as follows:

Our hyaluronic acid capsules are produced exclusively from starch using the method of yeast fermentation. Yeast fungi gently ferment pure starch without coming into contact with animal components. We consciously enounce animal substances during the entire production process. Our hyaluronic acid capsules are therefore 100 percent vegetarian. There are also no bird proteins which can trigger allergies to some people. We pay special attention throughout our whole manufacturing process to exclude from the beginning on any possible risk of potential allergens.

Scientifically proved

The decision to produce molecular sizes from 800 to 1500 kDa was made on the basis of scientific research. In this size, the body can use hyaluron as good as it does by intaking it by an infusion. Science confirms this fact: A study by the American Institute for Biosocial and Medical Research was carried out and came exactly to this conclusion (Schauss et al., Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2008, 56, pages 10582-10593). Some manufacturers promote the view that small hyaluronic acid molecules (50 kDa to 400 kDa) are better absorbed by the body than the longer ones. A recent study, however, suggests the length of the molecules in the diet is not crucial for the absorption of hyaluronic acid in our body. And this is based on the fact  that some of our natural intestinal bacteria have the ability to break down hyaluronic acid and hence allowing the absorption into the body.

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