Incense 450 mg (120 capsules)

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  • soya-free
  • vegan
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  • without preservatives

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Art-No. 12131
PZN: 06918443
EAN 4260085381142
Packing size: 120 capsules
Capsule shell type: Vegetarian

Take 2 capsules unchewed daily with plenty of non-carbonated water or juice (at least 200 ml). Ideally before a main meal.

Ingredients: Frankincense extract (Boswellic acid), hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC, capsule), seperating agent: magnesium salts of the fatty acids.
Active content: Frankincense extract per 2 capsules: 900 mg

Incense 450 mg

Contains 120 capsules with extract of the high-quality original Indian Boswellia serrata incense in the currently highest dosage on the market. Our satisfied customers are  by the effect of this high quality product.


     Original Indian Boswellia serrata extract


     Currently the highest dosage on the market


     Gentle manufacturing process


     Suitable for vegetarians

What exactly is incense?

Also referred to as "holy incense," incense is an air-dried gum resin derived from the incense tree. Already in thousands of years-old traditions, it has been described as an important component of numerous applications. Even in the Vedic culture of ancient India, the outstanding characteristics of frankincense were highly valued, especially because of its excellent boswellic acids. St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) greatly appreciated the incense. She wrote the impressive literature piece "Physika" and dealt intensively with the positive qualities of frankincense. In particular, she emphasized that it is very important for a balanced diet and lifestyle.

How is our frankincense extracted?

Our incense is obtained through a very long and elaborate process. For our incense begins, production begins in spring and lasts several months. The stems and branches of the frankincense trees are cut with a special tool, so that the resin of the tree comes out. Now, the high-quality tree resin has to dry for a few weeks before the actual harvest can be started. The first step after the gentle harvest is the extraction. In order to extract the valuable incense extract, the water-soluble ingredients must first be removed from the incense through water extraction. The subsequent ethanol extraction additionally separate water-insoluble ingredients from the resin, and finally, a strong and high-quality extract of Indian incense is gained.

Original Indian Boswellia Serrata powder

The advantage of our incense capsules is a high concentration of rich ingredients, which is achieved mainly due to the elaborate extraction. Thus, you get 675 mg of pure boswellic acids at the recommended daily dosage of just 2 incense capsules. We only use extract from the high quality original Indian Boswellia Serrata powder.

Your advantages with our incense capsules at a glance:

• Traditional incense powder of the highest quality from India


• Buy from us the highest dosage offered on the market: 450 mg incense powder extract


• Free of additives


• From controlled cultivation


• Original Indian Boswellia Serrata


• Obtained by gentle extraction


• High quality nutritional supplement - controlled by external laboratory


• Suitable also for vegetarians

Expert tip from our nutritionists:

If you have difficulty in swallowing the capsules or you feel uncomfortable, we recommend the Frankincense Mono Powder. This can also be prepared as a delicious tea.Do you may require more information or you have questions about our frankincense capsules? Please do not hesitate to contact us and let our experts advise you for free and without any obligation.

Possible applications

    Joint inflammation and joint pain

    Rheumatism and arthrosis

    Chronic intestinal inflammation

    Chronic bronchitis

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