L-Tyrosine 500 mg (120 capsules)

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  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • soya-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial colouring
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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Art-No. 12241
PZN: 06918503
EAN 4260085381227
Packing size: 120 capsules
Capsule shell type: Vegetarian capsule shell

Take two capsules unchewed daily with plenty of non-carbonated water (at least 200 ml minimum).

Ingredients: L-tyrosine (73,5%), capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), filling agent: microcrystalline cellulose, Separating agent: magnesium salts from fatty acids (vegetarian)
Active content: 2 capsules contain: 1000 mg L-tyrosine

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L-Tyrosine 500 mg

With our L-Tyrosine capsules you can optimally supplement your diet in times of increased protein requirements. Perfect for meeting L-tyrosine needs during intense concentration and exercise phases.


• For optimal supplementation of the daily protein intake

• 500 mg of pure L-Tyrosine per capsule

• Gently produced by simple separation methods

• In free pharmaceutical quality

What is l-tyrosine?

L-tyrosine is a semi-essential amino acid found in foods mainly in the form of proteins. There are a variety of different protein types in the human body. They all differ in their structure and compositions as well as their functions. There are, among others, transport proteins (such as hemoglobin in the blood), structural proteins (such as collagen in connective tissue) or even contractile proteins (such as myosin in the musculature).


The prefixed letter "L" determines the chemical structure of the amino acid and indicates that the amino acid is necessary as a cell constituent in the organism. Therefore, this proteinogenic amino acid is of particular importance for humans and should be part of the daily diet.

Which foods contain L-Tyrosine?

L-tyrosine can be formed by the body itself, but it can be also taken through the diet. Foods that contain L-tyrosine in high concentrations are mainly those of animal origin. For example, there are high levels of L-tyrosine in pork or veal, trout, salmon or cheese. Plant-based foods, such as fruits or vegetables, contain only small amounts of the amino acid. Vegetarians and vegans can intake L-Tyrosine through grains such as spelled flour or oatmeal, as well as through legumes such as lentils. Especially, peas and soybeans are rich in L-tyrosine.

What else should you know about our L-Tyrosine Capsules?

Often, amino acids are being supplied with food through animal proteins. People that only rarely eat meat, an amino acid deficiency can quickly arise, since the protein requirement can be covered more difficult with plant-based proteins. This lies to the lower biological value of the plant-based proteins. The biological value indicates to what degree a dietary protein can be converted into the body own protein. Thus, the supplied proteins cannot be fully exploited.

As already mentioned, L-tyrosine is a semi-essential amino acid. Colloquially, it could be also said that L-tyrosine is conditionally vital. L-tyrosine can also be formed from other amino acids, namely the amino acid phenylalanine. In certain situations of life, semi-essential amino acids such as L-tyrosine may also become essential. For instance, in phases of illness, growth or also increased physical activity. Thus, periods of intensive concentration or also training phases for muscle building can increase the need for amino acids and then a supplementation with L-tyrosine is meaningful. The amino acid is therefore also known as part of sports nutrition and fitness enthusiasts.


Possible applications

     Intensive training phases

     Phases of ongoing concentration

     For athletes

What's so special about our L-Tyrosine capsules?

The L-Tyrosine capsules contain the amino acid in free form. ZeinPharma obtains its raw materials exclusively from high-quality, certified suppliers. The L-Tyrosine capsules are produced in our own production premises in our house, whereby we can grant a particularly high quality of the products. Each capsule provides 500 mg of the amino acid, so that by taking 2 capsules per day you take 1000 mg of L-Tyrosine.

Your benefits at a glance:

2 L-tyrosine capsules per dayFor optimal supplementation of the daily protein intakeEspecially helpful to meet L-tyrosine needs during intensive periods of concentration and exerciseGently extracted by means of simple separation methods
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