Molybdenum 150 µg (90 capsules)

Molybdenum 150 µg (90 capsules)

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  • gluten-free
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  • soya-free
  • without artificial colouring
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  • without preservatives

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Art-No. 20389
PZN: 13818015
EAN 4260085383993
Packing size: 90 capsules
Capsule shell type: Vegetarian capsule shell

Take 1 capsule unchewed daily with plenty of non-carbonated. Ideally before the main meals.

Ingredients: Sodium molybdate (molybdenum 46.6 %), capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium salts of fatty acids (vegetarian).
Active content: Per 1 capsule: Sodium molybdate 378 μg, of which molybdenum 150 μg

Molybdenum 150 µg (90 capsules)

Molybdenum is an essential trace element for almost all living creatures. It plays important roles in the active center of various enzymes as regards the metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids. In the enzymes xanthine oxidase and xanthine hydrogenase, it provides an irreplaceable contribution to the metabolism of purines. The catalytic center of the enzyme aldehyde oxidase also requires molybdenum for various detoxification reactions.

Micronutrient Molybdenum

Macronutrients are needed in larger quantities in order to provide the body with the vital energy. In addition, micronutrients are needed only in small amounts, but without supplying energy. Micronutrients are of essential importance for metabolic transformations, i.e. catabolic and anabolic reactions of the organism. As a trace element, molybdenum must be supplied only in the smallest amounts. Nevertheless, it is vital for our organism, hence essential. The molybdenum capsules from ZeinPharma contain molybdenum in the form of the well-bioavailable molybdat-ions, in an optimal dosage of 150 μg. In this form, the trace element is rapidly absorbed and transported to the liver and other target organs, where among other things it contributes to a normal metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids.

Molybdenum in the healthy diet

Since the body cannot produce molybdenum itself, an adequate supply of the essential trace element is a precondition for health and performance. The essential trace element is found in our food, for example in vegetables and cereals, but it also occurs in animal foods. While you need to consume about 330 grams of potatoes, pasta, or rice to absorb 150 micrograms of molybdenum, the same amount of the essential trace element is contained in just one capsule of ZeinPhama® molybdenum.

What else you should know about molybdenum

The molybdenum capsules from ZeinPharma® contain high-purity molybdenum, as a highly bioavailable molybdate. ZeinPharma® also offers you a dietary supplement that is not derived from animal sources. The product is therefore ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Benefit from the numerous advantages of molybdenum from ZeinPharma®.

5 reasons for our molybdenum capsules

•Essential trace element

•Undertakes vital tasks in the body

•Is part of many enzymes

•Contributes to the normal metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids

•Ideal for vegetarians and vegans

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