Moringa organic 500 mg (90 capsules)

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Art-No. 12644
PZN: 10545278
EAN 4 260085 383023
Packing size: 90 capsules
Capsule shell type: Vegetarian capsule cell

Take three capsules unchewed daily with plenty of non-carbonated water.

Ingredients: Moringa oleifera leaf powder (80,6 %), Capsule shell: hydroxypropy-lmethylcellulose (HPMC).
Active content: Moringa oleifera leaf powder per 3 capsules: 1500 mg

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Moringa capsules from the exceptional „wonder-tree“

The Moringa tree Moringa oleifera is often referred as the "tree of life". Its leaves, whose powder is used for our Moringa capsules, are very rich in nutrients and antioxidants, like no other plant. The tree also contains such an amazing amount of antioxidants that its ORAC value is over 50,000 μmol / 100g. No other plant has such a high ORAC value.

The Moringa tree is considered the plant with the highest density of nutrients. To its ingredients belong the most of the known amino acids, which form the basis for the formation of vital proteins. Secondary plant compounds and a high content of fiber are other important ingredients.

Moringa is a source of valuable proteins, minerals and vitamins. Its incredible potential has made the tree more and more popular in the modern world as a nutritional supplement.

Moringa Capsules - The natural power of the Moringa leaves

The extremely high content of nutrients makes the Moringa fruits, seeds and root a popular food in India or Indonesia.

The inhabitants of the countries, where the Moringa tree is located, have a long tradition with the tree. Even near hospitals, the trees are planted in their “home”, so that they are near the place they are needed, since their precious nutrients support the patient during recovery. For instance, a concentrated beverage supplement is being made fromthe leaves, by pressing them and is used against malnutrition.

Moringa capsules: Healthy and vital with the organic quality from ZeinPharma®

For our organic Moringa capsules we use the whole leaves of the tree, which come only from trees that are organic certified. The processing is just as gentle as the cultivation, so that the various nutrients are retained in the Moringa leaf powder. Benefit from the unique nutrient diversity of the Moringa plant, known for its benefits energy, concentration and endurance.

Seeds, leaves, roots – all parts of the tree are useful

Not only the leaves, but all parts of the tree can be used in many different ways. From the ripe seeds, for example, the Moringa oil is obtained, which is highly valued in the cosmetic industry.

Even the remains of the Moringa processing contain so many valuable ingredients which can be further used. The remained press cake from oil production is used as animal feed or as a natural fertiliser for the soil.

The roots of the tree are rich in mustard oil glycosides, causing a burning pungent odour. Because of these ingredients, the tree is also called horseradish tree and in colonial times, the English people were using the Moringa tree in India as a horseradish substitute.

Moringa for water-cleaning

Scientists from Switzerland have researched the Moringa seeds and found that they have cleansing properties on water. In the seeds you will find substances that bind dirt particles and ultimately sink to the bottom. The inhabitants of Africa were already making use of this property, since they get filtered water afterwards, which is disinfected and clean. 200 to 300 mg of ground seeds in the form of powder is sufficient to clean a barrel of water.

Currently, the alkaloids in the root bark, spirochin and moringin, are also being studied; because some substances in the Moringa seeds have antimicrobial, bactericidal properties, and can thus inhibit inflammation.

30 cm growth per month – a notable achievement

Under the tropical sun, the powerful Moringa trees thrive and grow up to 30 cm a month. Already in the first year a Moringa tree comes to 5 to 8 m height. In addition, the Moringa trees bear fruits twice a year, at the beginning of the year between March and April and in the fall between September and October.There are a total of 13 different species of the tree, while their size ranges from small shrubs to large trees. The Moringa tree is native to India and it is also widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas, especially in Sri Lanka and in central African countries.

5 reasons why you should decide for the organic capsules from ZeinPharma®

    With laboratory values of the vital substances

    From pure organically-grown Moringa trees

    No extract, made from whole leaves

    100% pure and a guaranteed vegetarian product

    With 500 mg Moringa, an above the average dosage


Get all essential nutrients with only 3 of our organic Moringa capsules daily. Benefit from the purity and naturalness of organic farming and buy from us a nutritional supplement in an outstanding quality and at a fair price. Order now and profit from the nutrients of the famous "wonde-tree"!


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4 Oct 2014

Sehr zufrieden

Ich bin mit diesem Produkt hier wirklich sehr zufrieden. Ich nehme es zwar noch nicht so lange aber dennoch kann ich nach dieser kurzen Zeit schon eine Wirkung spüren glaube ich. Ich bin gespannt wie sich das auf längere Zeit verhält.

2 Oct 2014

Alles super

Schnelle Lieferung, Ware einwandfrei, gerne wieder!

25 Sep 2014

Nichts zu meckern

Ich habe an den Moringa Kapseln bisher echt nichts zu meckern. Bin nun gespannt wann die Wirkung spürbar wird

21 Sep 2014

Sehr empfehlenswert

Echt ein super Produkt. Ich hab schon einige Erfahrungen gesammelt mit Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und ich muss sagen das dieses hier echt zu empfehlen ist.

15 Sep 2014

Super Produkt

Ich bin mit diesem Produkt sehr zufrieden. Nur weiter zu empfehlen !

27 Aug 2014

Absolut zufrieden!

Ich kann mich über das Produkt nicht beklagen und empfehle es nur weiter. Die Lieferung war schnell da und die Ware einwandfrei !

13 Aug 2014

Tolles Produkt

Ich habe Moringa wegen dem Gehalt der Nährstoffe wie Mineralensoffen und Vitamine getestet. Dazu muss ich sagen das dieses Produkt echt super ist und ich nicht gefunden habe worüber ich mich beklagen sollte !

17 Jul 2014


Um mich kurz und kanpp zuhalten ... Tolles Produkt, schnelle Lieferung, gute Wirkung. Gerne wieder !

11 Jul 2014

Bislang sehr zufrieden

Hallo, ich habe mir die Moringa Kapseln bestellt, da ich viel gutes das Blattpulver und dessen Wirkung im Internet gelesen habe. Gerade was den Gehalt der Nährstoffe wie Vitamine und Mineralstoffe angeht war ich wirklich erstaunt. Nun möchte ich das einmal testen und bin wirklich gespannt. Bin bisher mit der Qualität sehr zufrieden, eine Frage hätte ich aber an Sie. Kann man die Wirkung steigern wenn man die Verzehrempfehlung leicht überschreitet oder ist das gefährlich?

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