Natural D-Mannose 500 mg (60 capsules)

Natural D-Mannose 500 mg (60 capsules)

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  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • soya-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial colouring
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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Art-No. 12494
PZN: 09612319
EAN 4 260085 382293
Packing size: 60 capsules
Capsule shell type: Vegetarian capsule shell

Take 4 capsules unchewed daily with plenty of non-carbonated water (at least 200 ml).TIPP: We recommend to consume acidic beverages when taking D-Mannose such as the cranberry juice or the vitamin C powder, which you can also find here in our shop.

Ingredients: D-Mannose, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule shell; HPMC), separating agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids.
Active content: D-Mannose per 4 capsules: 2000 mg

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Look here for the current customer information and test report for all our products of an independent German laboratory and convince yourself of the safety. All ZeinPharma products are regularly tested by independent laboratories for micro-organisms to ensure you an all-round, safe product.

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Natural D-Mannose 500 mg

    100 percent vegetable

    ⦁ Very well tolerated, also suitable for diabetics

    Gently produced from birch bark

The way of D-mannose

With the consumption of D-mannose capsules, the mannose gets directly into your stomach and is being transported through the blood. The D-mannose is not utilised by the body like conventional sugar. Your metabolism ensures that the mannose is immediately released from the blood back to the kidneys and flushed out with the urine.

No effect on blood sugar

D-mannose has no effect on your blood sugar and is thus well suitable for people with diabetes. While normal sugar is broken down during digestion and then is further used by the body, the D-mannose gets into the urine  without detours, since it enters the bloodstream immediately after the intake. After just one hour, 90 percent of the total D-mannose absorbed is found in the blood.

Bitter-sweet quality

Be careful when buying D-Mannose. This should taste sweet, but also have a slightly herbal, bitter aftertaste. This is an indication of the naturalness and effectiveness of the sugar. Natural D-mannose contains alpha and beta D-mannose, which cause the two flavors. Whereas the alpha-mannose tastes sweet, the beta-mannose has a bitter note. Both forms act in their combination on the bacteria and are important for a well-effective mannose. Synthetically produced D-mannose, however, has no bitter aftertaste, it tastes only sweet.

Purity of birch

The D-Mannose powder offers you the highest quality birch. Inexpensive products on the market are often made from corn. The origin of D-mannose can be proven with the help of the xylose and glucose content. Xylose is a typical birch sugar, it does not occur in corn. On the other hand, glucose occurs in corn, but not in birch. If one determines the content of the two sugars in D-mannose, one can determine their origin. Our D-Mannose is produced exclusively from high-quality birch bark, see for yourself - current certificate of analysis.

Inferior products are often made from cheap corn. Especially in maize genetically modified plants are often used for cultivation. Whether this can have health consequences for humans is still unclear, but many people already deliberately want to do without genetically modified organisms.

Advantages of our D-mannose capsules at a glance:

100% pureGently produced from birch, not cornFree of pollutants and impuritiesSweet-bitter tasteGood water solubility

Possible applications

    Bladder infection

    Bacteria resistant to antibiotics

    People allergic to antibiotics

Uncomplicated use

You can take the D-Mannose capsules indefinitely without fear of side effects. Consume 4 capsules unchewed daily, hence a total of 2 grams of Mannose with plenty of liquid.


An individually dosed alternative to the capsules is the D-mannose powder from ZeinPharma®. This is especially useful for people who find swallowing capsules unpleasant. The D-mannose powder can be easily mixed into water, tea or yogurt.

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