Natural D-Mannose Powder 50 g

Natural D-Mannose Powder 50 g

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  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • soya-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial colouring
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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Packing size: 50 g
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Take one measuring spoon (2 g) daily mixed in non-carbonated water.TIPP: We recommend to consume acidic beverages when taking D-Mannose such as the cranberry juice or the vitamin C powder, which you can also find here in our shop.

Ingredients: D-Mannose (100%)
Active content: D-Mannose per measuring spoon: 2 g

Convince yourself

Look here for the current customer information and test report for all our products of an independent German laboratory and convince yourself of the safety. All ZeinPharma products are regularly tested by independent laboratories for micro-organisms to ensure you an all-round, safe product.

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NEW: Natural D-mannose powder 50

Each package contains 50 g of pure and naturally derived D-mannose powder from birch bark.


• Purely Vegetarian: made from birch bark

• Very well tolerable, also suitable for diabetics

• 50 g D-mannose powder per package - perfect for testing!

D-mannose as food

D-mannose is a natural product, purely vegetarian and free of side effects. It can also be taken without hesitation for a long time.


D-mannose - a special sugar


With D-mannose, you get a simple sugar, which is structurally similar to conventional glucose, i.e. table sugar. Normal sugar is processed in the body and stored in the liver, from where it can be broken down between meals. D-mannose is different: It is not stored in the liver but remains in the blood. It is quickly excreted through the bloodstream with the urine.D-mannose, therefore, has no influence on blood sugar. The intake is thus safe for diabetics. Nevertheless, diabetic people should control their blood sugar levels.

Two special forms: a and ß

Make sure that the D-mannose you consume not only tastes sweet, but also has a slightly bitter aftertaste. This happens due to the alpha and beta form of D-mannose and is an important indicator of the effectiveness of the sugar. Alpha and beta D-mannose are the two types of D-mannose found in nature. The alpha-D-mannose has a sweet taste, the beta-D-mannose is slightly bitter. Therefore, the D-mannose powder of ZeinPharma® is naturally sweet, but has a slightly bitter aftertaste.

A quality feature: Not from corn but birch

With the ZeinPharma® D-mannose powder, you get a mannose made from high-quality birch wood. The production is as gentle as possible, so that the valuable ingredients are preserved. The mannose powder is 100 percent of plant origin, and unlike inferior mannose, is not made out from corn. The origin of mannose is easily detected by using the xylose content. Xylose is one of the typical birch sugars and it is not to be found in corn. In addition, there is always the risk with corn that this may be genetically modified.

5 test points for high-quality D-mannose powder

                     Made from birch, not corn

                     Sweet and bitter taste (contains a and ß D-mannose)

                     Tested for purity

                     Well soluble in water

                     Carefully processed

D-mannose as a dietary food

The D-mannose also occurs naturally in the human organism: It is free of allergens and side effects. Even in the long term, it is well tolerated.

Guaranteed pure and of high quality

With D-Mannose powder you choose a natural product of a consistent high quality and absolute purity. Even though the D-Mannose Powder of ZeinPharma® should differ in taste, smell or colour from what you have been used to, this is not an indication of altered quality or effectiveness. The D-Mannose is a natural product made out from birch, thus in case of any natural fluctuations of the raw material, small deviations in the D-mannose powder occur as well. Thus, in the case of that differences might be observed as concerned the external characteristics of the powder of different D-mannose packages, this should not be a reason for concern.

Just mix with water

You can dose the D-mannose powder individually and adapt it to your own needs. The powder can be mixed with water, tea or yoghurt. After a few seconds, the D-mannose powder dissolves, while stirring. It has a slightly sweet taste, which is perceived by most people as pleasant.


D-Mannose Powder is a convenient alternative to the D-Mannose Capsules from ZeinPharma®.

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