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Organic Açaí Powder 100 g

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  • bio
  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial colouring
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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Packing size: 100 g
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Take 2 measuring spoons (1.5 g each) daily with yoghurt or as a smoothie.

Ingredients: Açaí berry extract powder (100 %; freeze-dried)
Active content: Açaí berry extract per measuring spoon (1,5 g açaí berry extract): contain 99 mg polyphenols (measured as Gallus equivalent)

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Organic Açai powder 100 g

The Açai-Powder from ZeinPharma® is 100 % organic and completely additive-free. Due to the gentle freeze-drying process and the certified organic quality you can profit from the extremely high concentration of the numerous active compounds of açai berries.


     100% pure açai extract

     Carefully freeze-dried

     Additive free

     ORAC value 64.000 μmol TE/100 g

     High polyphenol content / from Brazil

     High 7:1 extract ratio

     Certified organic quality

100% pure – dark colour

You get an Açai powder that is 100% biologically pure and natural. Moreover, it is rich in polyphenols and has a high ORAC value. During the whole production process of the acai berries from ripening and harvesting to processing, no artificial additives are used. This can be confirmed by its charecteristic natural deep dark colour which remains  on the acai berries during the production of the  ZeinPharma® acai powder. Other, inferior products often are being produced with the help of further additives, extracted with alcohol or during the spray-drying process only the juice is sprayed on the carrier dextrose, and thus such products have a lighter or a completely unnatural colour.

7 g Açai berries in 1g of extract

With the organic Acai powder you can profit from the enormous high concentration of the numerous active compounds of the Acai berries, which is actually even higher than if you ate the fresh fruits. Because one gram of the Acai powder is made from 7grams of freeze-dried Acai berries (7:1 extract ratio). The exctract of the freeze-dried Acai berries is rich in healthy substances due to this „miracle“ rainforest fruit and the gentle freeze-drying process. As a result, the product contains 33.000 mg Polyphenols per 100 Grams (measured as Gallus equivalent).

Acai extract powder in organic quality

100 % guaranteed naturalness for you! Acai berries belong to the few foods that are still cultivated completely without no pesticides and other toxic chemicals and therefore they are grown in a completely natural way. This happens due to the fact that the palm trees, on which the acai berries are being grown, are not bred and thus the berries can ripen in their natural environment in a traditional way while the big, humid rainforests of the south and central America provide the ideal growing conditions for them, without any need for human intervention.

This Acai powder is made exclusively from Brazilian Acai berries that are of much higher quality than those sourced from Asia.

Harvested in the rainforest and processed in the USA

With the particular Acai powder you get exclusively original Brazilian acai berries, since we place great importance on providing you products of high quality and not acai berries from Asia.

The berries are processed in the USA, the place where the secret concerning the numerous beneficial properties of the Acai berry was discovered several years ago. In the beginning, the Acai berry was perceived only as a “miracle cure” for the rich and famous people, but with the time its popularity gradually grew and it has been spread rapidly and developed to a hype to all people. Nowadays, it is already considered as a big trend and is enjoying a big popularity which is growing slowly but steadily from the US to the rest of the world.

Freeze-dried Acai powder retains important nutrients

When you buy Acai products you should pay big attention on purchasing a freez-dried extract. For the freeze-dried acai powder of ZeinPharma® the berries that have reached the optimum degree of ripeness are being harvested in order to contain the highest amount of valuable nutrients. After harvesting, the ripe berries are being immediately freeze-dried since the very high temperatures and the even higher air humidity of the tropical rainforest make the berries very perishable and they have to be processed as fast as possible. During the long transportation distances the berries also loose and big part of their nutrients. However, with the freeze-drying process the nutrients and the antioxidant properties can be preserved and remain almost intact.

Attention with spay drying

With the acai powder gained from freeze-dried Acai berries you get a product which retains the colour, flavour and nutrients that correspond to the fresh fruit. However, you should be aware of products that are produced and preserved with inferior spray drying methods, which destroy the important nutrients of the berries and greatly reduce its antioxidant capabilities. The ORAC* value is also a very important attribute which differentiates the quality of the final product and thus you should be aware of.

Furthermore, during spray-drying only the juice is being used which is sprayed on the carrier dextrose, while for the production of the freeze-dried Acai extract, which you egt with our organic Acai powder, the whole fruit is being used.


*The ORAC value provides information regarding the antioxidant potential of food products or plants.

High ORAC value

With the acai powder you receive a product of a high ORAC value of 64.000 μmol TE/100. The antioxidant capacity of a food and its ability to neutralise free radicals is measured by the ORAC value. The Acai berry has an above-average ORAC value that is many times higher than the one of blueberries or cranberries. This high value should at any case be guaranteed through a gentle harvesting and careful processing oft he products.

Popularity spread from Brazil throughout the world

By deciding for acai berries you choose a fruit that has a long tradition of thousands of years for the indigenous populations of the south America.

Already since more than 2,000 years ago, various tribes of the Amazon region were using the berry as a remedy and were processing it along with other ingredients into potions and pulps in order to cure various conditions. It was not until the beginning of the nineties that the Acai berry became well-known in the industrialized nations and since then it has been enjoyed a growing popularity all over the world.

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