Organic Maca Powder 150 g

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  • bio
  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • soya-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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Packing size: 150 g powder
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Take 10 g daily (approx. 3 level measuring spoons). Organic maca powder can simply be mixed into milk, shakes, yoghurt or fruit juice.

Ingredients: Organic maca root extract powder (4:1).
Active content: Organic maca root extract powder (4:1) per 4 capsule: 10mg

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Organic maca powder 150 g

Each pack contains 150g of high quality organic maca powder extract from the yellow maca root in the optimal ratio of 4: 1. Enjoy the benefits of maca without additives in a pesticide-free - quality guaranteed by the organic seal "DE-ÖKO-003".


• Organic maca root extract (4: 1) powder


• Organic inspection body "DE-ÖKO-003", Non-EU-Agriculture


• From controlled growing areas


• High organic quality


• Pure herbal remedy

What is Maca?

According to the chronicles, the legendary Maca root served the Inca warriors as a valuable source of nutrients and energy. Therefore, this particular root filled over half of the food supply. For over 2000 years, the Maca plant has been cultivated in the highlands of the Incas, because only at the astonishing altitudes of 3000 meters, it can form its numerous nutrients. Even today, the consumption of the maca root is not renounced in Peru. Tourists find it an indispensable food at almost every weekly market and in many households. The Peruvian root is also very popular in this country: For women as well as for men, it is very popular because of their precious ingredients and positive properties.

What is so special in our organic maca powder?

Our organic maca powder is made directly from the yellow maca root and meets the highest standards of organic cultivation and quality. Only plants that have not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides are used for the production. Even the harvesting process is done manually - without the use of machines. Our organic maca powder is won with particular care and has the best organic quality, which is guaranteed with the organic seal (DE-ÖKO-003).

Which benefits does the organic maca powder provide me?

The organic maca powder is a fine powder, which you can individually use based on your personal needs. Make use of all the valuable ingredients of highest quality that the pure powder from the famous root offers you. You can dose and consume the powder on an individual basis. Each dosage can contain 150 g of natural organic maca powder in organic quality.

Good to know!

We offer you an excellent organic maca in the form of loose powder, an organic powder which you get in high quality. With the content of 150 g maca extract powder you can choose your very individual dosage. The organic maca powder is free of animal ingredients, thus vegetarians can also enjoy the benefits of the maca root. In addition to the organic maca powder, we also offer organic maca pellets.

Advantages of the organic maca powder

Organic maca powder is a fine powder that can be used in accordance with your personal requirements. Maca strengthens the body and supplies you with energy! Take advantage of all the precious premium ingredients the pure powder of the popular root offers. You can dose and take the powder based on the individual needs. Each package contains 150 g of organic maca powder in organic-quality.

Possible applications

    Stressful daily life


    Increases libido

    High cholesterol levels

Advantages of BIO maca powder at a glance:

    Pure maca powder from the maca root according to traditional knowledge

    Cultivated according to strict guidelines and controls

    Quality guaranteed by the bio label "DE-ÖKO-003"

    Free from plant protection products

    Free from additives, powder in its natural state

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