Vitamin C buffered 500 mg (90 capsules)

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  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • nut-free
  • soya-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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Art-No. 12906
PZN: 11161404
EAN 4260085383535
Packing size: 90 capsules
Capsule shell type: Vegetarian capsule shell

Take 1 capsule unchewed daily with non-carbonated water (at least 200 ml).

Ingredients: Vitamin C (85,5 %, calcium ascorbate), capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), separating agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids (vegetarian).
Active content: Vitamin C per 1 capsule: 500 mg

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Vitamin C buffered 500 mg

With a buffered vitamin C capsule from ZeinPharma®, you receive 500 mg of acid-free, neutral vitamin C as calcium ascorbate. Convince yourself of the excellent characteristics of our product manufactured under the strictest quality standards.


     Neutral pH of 6 - 7.5


     Highly-dosed 500 mg per capsule


     Acid-free, buffered vitamin C as calcium ascorbate


     100% vegetarian and vegan

Better tolerance with buffered vitamin C

Even if you have a more sensitive stomach, today you no longer have to accept the side effects of ascorbic acid. Meanwhile, there is buffered vitamin C for this case, which, with a neutral pH, is a gentle alternative to the usual form.


Since the chemist Tadeus Reichstein discovered the synthesis of ascorbic acid on the basis of glucose during the 1930s, vitamin C has been industrially produced by this process. However, because of ascorbic acid, such vitamin C has a low and hence acidic pH.


Therefore, it can lead to side effects in larger amounts, such as stomach discomfort and may include unpleasant side effects and poor tolerance, especially for those with a sensitive stomach.

Neutral pH for sensitive stomachs

Buffered vitamin C protects your acid-base balance and in this form it  is even more digestible and gentler than the conventional one. Even if you are generally following a basic diet, buffered vitamin C with its neutral pH fits into your diet.


The secret of buffered vitamin C is calcium ascorbate. It is the calcium salt of ascorbic acid that can be produced today from the acid itself. This calcium ascorbate of ascorbic acid plays a major role in the production of buffered vitamin C. The vitamin is not acidic thanks to the calcium ascorbate in the buffered form, but reaches a neutral form by being chemically bound to calcium.

Buffered vitamin C for your immune system

Vitamin C has a positive effect on your immune system, since it contributes to its normal function and therefore plays a special role for the defense against diseases.


The vitamin also helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness. Vitamin C is also relevant for the energy metabolism and the nervous system. In addition, with the consumption of the product you increase the iron intake in your organism.

The role of vitamin C on oxidative stress

With the buffered vitamin C, you build up an antioxidant protection for your cells, and thus protecting them from free radicals.


Free radicals can damage the DNA and play a key role in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a situation of cell metabolism in which there is an excess of reactive oxygen compounds. Therefore, there are too many free radicals and the cells of the organism are overwhelmed by this imbalance of reducing and oxidizing substances as concerns their repair and detoxification function. This oxidative stress damages the molecules in the cells. Among other things, oxidative stress plays a role in aging processes.



Functions of Vitamin C


• helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion


• contributes to normal mental function


• contributes to a normal energy metabolism


• contributes to a normal function of physical defense


• contributes to the normal function of the nervous system


• helps protect cells from oxidative stress


• contributes to normal collagen formation


• increases iron absorption



Possible applications


• Sensitive stomach


• Increased vitamin C requirement


• Unbalanced diet


• At stress


• Weakened immune system


• Tiredness

Natural fermentation from corn starch

Especially important for ZeinPharma was to offer you a buffered vitamin C on a natural basis. The buffered vitamin C from ZeinPharma is obtained by fermentation of corn starch as the starting material.Enzyme-catalyzed metabolic processes are a natural phenomenon, as it is now used for the production of various products, including, for example, products of the food and beverage industry.If you are vegan or vegetarian, the buffered Vitamin C capsules are ideal for you. Especially vegans and vegetarians often look for vitamin supplements for a balanced diet.

Vitamin C - the star among the vitamins

Centuries ago, humanity discovered vitamin C, which became a “star” in the pool of micronutrients and shortly after its discovery the success story of the vitamin began.  In the open sea in 1747, the ship’s doctor Lind recognised the maritime disease scurvy as a disease of malnutrition, which could be prevented by the consumption of citrus fruits and vegetables. Until the actual discovery of vitamin C, it took more centuries. Only in the 20th century did the scientist A. Szent-Györyi isolate vitamin C from pepper and cabbage. In the 1930s, Haworth described the chemical structure of the vitamin. The fact that you can today benefit from vitamin C is, not least, thanks to these people.

High purity

The buffered vitamin C from ZeinPharma® gives you the highest purity of the vitamin. ZeinPharma® offers you buffered vitamin C, which is pure at a content of 99.9 percent. You might wonder why it is not 100 percent,  since ZeinPharma® cares so much about purity?


The answer is simple: a degree of purity of 100 percent is difficult to achieve, because water plays a role in the production of the products. Thus, the rest of the 100 percent in the buffered vitamin C capsules forms only the water. That being said, the purity of vitamin C is absolute and complete.

Free from residues

With the Buffered Vitamin C Capsules from ZeinPharma® you can trust in a safe product. The ZeinPharma® buffered vitamin C capsules are absolutely safe to use and have been controlled for harmful substances and residues.


You can rely on the safety of the buffered vitamin C, because like all products of ZeinPharma®, this has been also analysed in a rigorous test for heavy metals and microorganisms. Only raw materials that could be classified as completely safe during these tests are included in the production.

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