Vitamin C Mono Powder 250 g

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  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • lactose-free
  • soya-free
  • vegan
  • without artificial colouring
  • without artificial flavors
  • without preservatives

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Packing size: 250 g powder
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Depending on requirements, add 1 – 2 heaped measuring spoons (one measuring spoon is equivalent to approx. 0.5 g powder) daily to plenty of liquid (at east 200 ml) and drink it. The powder can also be enjoyed by mixing it with foods, such as milk, shakes, yogurt or juices.

Ingredients: Ascorbic acid (100 % Vitamin C)
Active content: Vitamin C per 1 measuring spoon: 0,5 g

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Vitamin C and its history

"Extremely versatile!" Vitamin C (also called ascorbic acid) is a substance with a spectacular history. Its discovery begins with the maritime disease scurvy. Scurvy was one of the most common and serious diseases on sea travels and the result of a mostly one-sided diet and the lack of fresh food.


When the sailors started suffering more and more from physical discomfort, the ship's doctor "James Lind" investigated scurvy for the first time: He divided the sea crew into 6 groups and gave them different foods. He quickly observed that the symptoms of the group receiving citrus fruit disappeared quickly. In the 18th century, for example, it was already possible to determine how vitally important selected ingredients are in certain foods and then the foundation for the discovery of powerful vitamin C was laid.


After this groundbreaking discovery, it was clear that vitamin C is an essential substance, which means that it cannot be produced by our body itself. As a result of its water-soluble properties, ascorbic acid is not stored in the organism and is therefore easily excreted. For us this means: we have to take the substance regularly with the food.


A deficiency of vitamin C - as in the case of scurvy of the sea travelers - has dramatic consequences for the body. Thus, a vitamin C deficiency is becoming noticeable through a bad wound healing, infection susceptibility, fatigue or bleeding gums noticeable.

How does our vitamin C powder work?

Here are just a few examples of the versatility of our Vitamin C powder:


• Vital vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and supports the body's defense against pathogens.


• Vitamin C helps protect cells from oxidative stress.


• Ascorbic acid is an antioxidant, which means it can neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are aggressive oxygen particles that attack the body's cells.


• The excellent vitamin C supports normal collagen formation. Collagen is a protein that is an essential component of connective tissue, and therefore important for the normal functioning of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, teeth and skin.


• Vitamin C powder helps to reduce fatigue, exhaustion and normal nervous system function, mental function and energy metabolism.

Who should take our vitamin C powder?

Especially people with a one-sided diet or in special situations (e.g. obese people, smokers, people with sensitive blood vessels or weak connective tissue, people with weakened immune systems as well as stressful everyday life, athletes, pregnant and lactating women or people who regularly consume alcohol) have an increased need for vitamin C. You should pay attention to a sufficient supply of ascorbic acid intake in order not to endanger your health in the long term.

What are your advantages with our product?

Buy a high quality vitamin C powder to support your health. The vitamin C is the “star” among the vitamins and not with no reason!


     A vitamin with a success story

     Vitamin C powder in its pure form

     biologically active L-(+) ascorbic acid

     Tested by our external laboratory

     Very easy to dose

     100% vegetarian

     Effective antioxidant

     Consume it with water, beverages or food

     Highest quality at a fair price

For how long should I better consume the ascorbic acid powder

Our vitamin C powder is suitable for long-term use as needed.


Expert tip from our nutritionists: As vitamin C is a good “partner” for vitamin E and iron absorption, it is recommended to take ascorbic acid before the main meals or to consume it together with vitamin E and iron products. Overall, this combination contributes to the regeneration of the reduced (active) form of vitamin E and increases iron absorption.


Application tip: Add some vitamin C powder over your fruit salad, by this way the cut fruit will not turn brown and will last longer. Vitamin C acts as antioxidant, and thus provides protection against oxygen. The ascorbic acid prevents oxidation of the fruit surface, which is noticeable through the brown colour when the vitamin is not present.

Possible applications

Tiredness and exhaustionInfectionsPeople who eat in an unbalanced waySmokersStressAthletes
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Aus 4 Bewertungen
2 Jul 2015


Ich bin ja nicht so der große Obst und Gemüse Esser bzw. ernähre mich eher einseitig und habe mir daher überlegt mal etwas für mich zu tun, habe deshalb das Vitamin C Pulver bestellt. Sobald das Produkt aufgebraucht ist wird es nach gekauft.

30 Jun 2015


Nehme das Vitamin C Pulver von Zein Pharma schon seit Jahren zu mir, da ich ein eher schwaches Immunsystem hatte wurde mir von meinem Arzt empfohlen es mal mit Vitamin C Pulver zu versuchen. Ich muss sagen es hat super geholfen habe nach einem solchen Erfolg auch schon andere Produkte von Zein Pharma ausprobiert und muss sagen das ich mich hier gut aufgehoben fühle.

13 Feb 2014

Klare Empfehlung

Lässt sich super in Shakes oder ins Müsli mischen. Mische es regelmäßig in meine Proteinshakes die ich nach dem Training zu mir nehme. Löst sich suiper gut auf und schmeckt erfrischend. Für mich optimal da es wirklich 100% pur

18 Dec 2013

Gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis

Zu diesem Preis bekommt man ein Produkt mit hoher Qualität. Ansonst bin ich ebenfalls sehr zufrieden mit der Wirksamkeit. Werde es erneut kaufen und weiterempfehlen.

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